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25 Apr 2024
The Power of Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Like a magic trick in the world of data security, allowing to perform calculations on encrypted data without needing to decrypt it first. Now that's impressive!
18 Apr 2024
Navigating the Unforeseen of Unknown Unknowns
Prepare your team for unforeseen challenges in MVP development with essential tips on flexibility, risk management, and communication.
12 Apr 2024
Resisting the Temptation of Edge Technologies
Edge technologies are alluring, but they're not always the right fit for every project. Here's how to resist the temptation and make informed decisions about technology adoption.
01 Apr 2024
Home VPN with WireGuard
Protect your privacy and security by setting up a home VPN with WireGuard. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a secure connection that safeguards your online activities, even on public Wi-Fi networks.
20 Mar 2024
Load Balancing Strategies
Scaling your website or application efficiently is crucial for handling increasing traffic and ensuring a seamless user experience. One key aspect of scaling is load balancing, which involves distributing incoming network traffic across multiple servers to prevent any single server from becoming overwhelmed. This ensures reliability and high availability.
22 Feb 2024
Moore's Law for Everything - An Analysis of Sam Altman's Article
An analysis of Sam Altman's article, "Moore's Law for Everything," which outlines the impending AI revolution and its impact on society. The article discusses the exponential growth of technology, the reduction of costs, and the potential for AI to transform the labor market.
11 Dec 2023
How Dashing Dashboards Drive Business Success
Unlock the power of your software's internal processes through effective data visualization. Understand the importance of data collection, transform complex data into understandable visuals, and steer your business decisions in the right direction. Ignite your data gold rush and embark on a successful voyage
27 Oct 2023
The Power of the Minimum Viable Team
Explore the power of the Minimum Viable Team (MVT) in this blog post. Understand how a small, flexible team can efficiently turn business ideas into reality, why it's essential to grow slow, embrace errors, and prioritize cohesion over expertise. A must-read for startups and entrepreneurs aiming for success in their ventures.
24 Sep 2023
The Cost of AI in Your MVP
Explore the cost implications of incorporating a Large Language Model (LLM) or image Generative AI into your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Learn about effective strategies to offset the cost, including running the model at the client's end and utilizing a cheaper model.
20 Sep 2023
Ranking Algorithm - A Simple Implementation
Lets build a simple ranking algorithm using social media data. We will use generative AI to help us translate the algorithm from pyrex to typescript and tweak it to our needs.
12 Sep 2023
Run llama.cpp Server in the Cloud
Lets run the new llama.cpp in the cloud. We try the quantized versions of Falcon 180B model Highlighting the trade-off between model size and quality. Compare the Falcon and its performance to GPT-3 and GPT-4.
21 Jul 2023
Try Llama2 Locally at No Cost
Looking to experience AI at its best? We try Llama2, an new model from Meta, locally on our system for free! Transform your PC into a playground for next-gen AI, at absolutely zero cost!
14 Jul 2023
Bloom Filters - The Underdog of Data Structures
The captivating world of Bloom Filters in our comprehensive guide. Discover how this unique data structure, created by Burton Howard Bloom, aids in checking data presence with speed and efficiency.
12 Jul 2023
The Invisible Power of Logging
Logging in digital systems is like footprints, tracing every system step. Without logs, system operations might as well be invisible. It is a digital system's lifeline, promoting transparency, problem-solving, and enhanced performance.
07 Jul 2023
Generalists - The Renaissance Specialists That Businesses Need
Going beyond the common misconception of generalists as "Jack of all trades, master of none", it describes them as polymaths of our era with vast, inclusive knowledge across different fields. The article underscores how their unique ability to connect the dots between various domains can lead to innovative solutions, making them the different kind of specialists that businesses need today.
05 Jul 2023
Choosing the Right Infrastructure Software for Your Product
Choosing the right infrastructure software is crucial for launching a successful product. Whether it's selecting a database, deciding on cache location, storing files, serving APIs, or orchestrating the application, each decision impacts your product's functionality and efficiency. As daunting as it may seem, understanding these components and making informed choices can set your product up for success.
01 Jul 2023
Unveiling The High Price Tag Of Software Development
The high cost of software development stems from its complex nature, extending beyond coding to design, testing, and deployment. Hiring skilled engineers, constant updates, and scaling the project add to the cost. In a nutshell, the expenses incurred in software development are reflective of the intricacies involved in creating valuable digital solutions.
28 Jun 2023
A Guide to Finding the Perfect CTO for Your Business
Unearth the traits of the ideal CTO for your company with this guide. Learn how a perfect CTO balances technological depth with business acumen, communication skills, market understanding, and accountability to drive your business success.
22 May 2023
Importance is All You Need - Looking Beyond AI in Content Creation
Explore the significance of topics and the credibility of authors, treating AI as a tool. Prioritize asking the right questions and safeguarding our children's well-being.
10 May 2023
What is the LangChain Framework and Why You Need it for AI Development
LangChain is a powerful framework for developing data-aware and agentic applications powered by language models.
16 Apr 2023
Why You Should Not Build Your MVP with Low Code Tools?
What are the drawbacks of using low code tools to build your MVP and why they may not be the best option for your startup's long-term success?
13 Apr 2023
What are Angular Signals and how will they improve your development?
How Signals are different from Observables and how they can help you optimize your application's performance.
25 Mar 2023
Why Use a Framework for MVP Development
Discover the benefits and advantages of using a framework for MVP development. Learn how it can save you time and money, and help you build a scalable and secure product.
13 Mar 2023
Understanding Temperature in NLP - What it is and How it Works
Learn about temperature, a crucial parameter in Natural Language Processing (NLP) that controls the level of creativity and variation in language generation models. Discover how it works and its impact on generating unique and relevant responses. Find the right balance between novelty and coherence in your NLP applications.
10 Mar 2023
Overcoming Common Problems with Review Systems
Learn how to implement a reliable and effective user review feature in your custom-made marketplace engine. Discover how to prevent fake, biased, and spam reviews, and how to deal with disputes between buyers and sellers. Build trust within your community and provide valuable feedback to both sellers and buyers.
28 Feb 2023
The Latest Trends of AI Technologies - How They Are Changing the Shape of Tech
Discover how AI models and technologies are revolutionizing the tech industry, enabling machines to learn, reason, and make decisions like humans. From automation to predictive analytics, this blog post explores the latest trends in AI models and technologies and how they will impact the way we work and live.
25 Feb 2023
Essential User Data Points to Track in Your MVP Software Product
To improve your MVP software product, it's crucial to track user data points. Learn about the common user data points to track, such as demographics, behavior, acquisition, retention, and feedback, and how they can help you gain valuable insights into your target audience's needs and improve your product accordingly.
23 Feb 2023
How to Choose the Right Software Architecture for Your Business
Discover the pros and cons of Monolith, Mini Services, Micro Services, and Serverless architectures to help you make the right choice for your business needs. Avoid common pitfalls and ensure a reliable, scalable, and maintainable application
22 Feb 2023
Security Through Obscurity - A False Sense of Protection
Learn about the dangers of security through obscurity and how to avoid common pitfalls. Discover basic steps for safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring proper security measures are in place.
21 Feb 2023
Understanding Cognitive Load in UX Design and How to Avoid Common Pitfalls
Learn about cognitive load and its impact on user experience, and discover some basic steps to avoid common pitfalls.
19 Feb 2023
How Much Does an MVP Cost? A Beginner's Guide
Learn everything you need to know about the cost of building an MVP, from identifying core features to testing with real users. Get a rough estimate for your MVP and discover the basic steps you need to follow to bring your product to market.
18 Feb 2023
Boost Your API Functionality with These Common Middlewares
Learn about the common middlewares you can use to improve your web API's functionality, including authentication, validation, error handling, and logging. These middlewares can enhance your API's security, reliability, and performance. Get started building your first MVP with an experienced developer today.
10 Feb 2023
Why You Should Choose TailwindCSS Over Bootstrap for Your Next Project
TailwindCSS is a newer and more flexible CSS framework that allows you to easily customize your website's design while reducing the amount of code needed. Learn why TailwindCSS may be the better choice for your next web project over Bootstrap.
03 Feb 2023
How to Achieve High Availability on a Budget - Tips and Tricks
Affordable tips and tricks for achieving high availability, including leveraging cloud infrastructure, implementing load balancers, redundancy, and monitoring. Learn how to support high availability cheaply and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems are always up and running
17 Jan 2023
The Power of Queues - How They Work and When to Use Them
Discover how queues work and learn about the two main use cases for this powerful tool. Improve the performance and reliability of your applications by leveraging the power of queues. Find out how to choose the right queue strategy for your needs and why I am the best choice for your first MVP.
05 Jan 2023
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - What is an MVP & Why Need One
Discover the advantages and disadvantages of developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for your business. Learn how an MVP can save you time and money, validate your idea, and help you identify your customers' needs.