Christos Georgiou

Software Engineer


Over the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of designing and implementing software products in a wide range of industries such as hospitality, finance, marketing, and retail. As a full-stack developer, I've gained valuable experience with a multitude of tools, programming languages, and technologies. My proficiency lies particularly in .Net Core, Node.js, and Angular.

Currently, I am proud to serve as the VP of Product at Echofin, a renowned communication platform for financial communities. You may check my projects, which is regularly updated with new entries. For more information about my skills and experience, please refer to my CV page.



22 May
Importance is All You Need - Looking Beyond AI in Content Creation
Explore the significance of topics and the credibility of authors, treating AI as a tool. Prioritize asking the right questions and safeguarding our children's well-being.
10 May
What is the LangChain Framework and Why You Need it for AI Development
LangChain is a powerful framework for developing data-aware and agentic applications powered by language models.
16 Apr
Why You Should Not Build Your MVP with Low Code Tools?
What are the drawbacks of using low code tools to build your MVP and why they may not be the best option for your startup's long-term success?
13 Apr
What are Angular Signals and how will they improve your development?
How Signals are different from Observables and how they can help you optimize your application's performance.
25 Mar
Why Use a Framework for MVP Development
Discover the benefits and advantages of using a framework for MVP development. Learn how it can save you time and money, and help you build a scalable and secure product.
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