Christos Georgiou

Software Engineer & Product Consultant

I have successfully designed and implemented several software products for the last 10 years in various industries like hospitality, finance, marketing and retail.

Having the full stack role gave me experience with a plethora of tools, languages and technologies. I have most experience with .Net Core, Node.js and Angular.

Currently I am VP of Product at Echofin, the leading communication platform for financial communities.

Find me on: GitHub: cgeosoft Skype: christos.georgiou. LinkedIn: christosgeorgiou2 Matrix:


EchoBots: No-Code Bots for Echofin
TalkingFeed: Listen to your feed
Babatchas: Design studio
Tatyana Kirchhoff, PhD: C. Psychology
Anemflia: Apartments at Tinos, Greece
Fiora Villas: Villas set at Trapezaki
Fiora Bikes: Bike rental services
Thinkrs: Share your ideas
QuestBook: Campaign management tool
NewLook: Optical store
Galanopoulou: Insurances office
cryptocodes: A Codenames web clone