Waking in the Matrix
18 Sep 2023
Tracking the TheBloke and his awesome work
Over the weekend, I swiftly undertook a project that took just a few hours. The result was a straightforward static site that lists quantized llama models supplied by TheBloke.
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18 Apr 2023
Automatic News
This is a successor of TalkingFeed. It is a more polished version of TalkingFeed with more features.
05 Nov 2021
No-Code Bots for Echofin
This is an service that allows you to create bots for Echofin. Echofin is a social platform for traders and investors. It is a place where you can share your ideas, follow your favorite traders, and learn from the best.
13 Oct 2021
Listen to your favorite feeds
Started because I wanted to listen to the news while I was working. I wanted only the headlines and I wanted to listen to them. I couldn't find anything that would do this, so I decided to create it myself.
13 Jun 2021
Fiora Villas
Villas at Cephalonia
Once Cephalonia becomes your destination, it will be your island destination for life. Once you visit Fiora Villas and experience our warm hospitality, you will want to keep coming back.
13 Jun 2021
Fiora Bikes
Bike Rental at Cephalonia
Fiora Bikes provide bike rental service in Cephalonia island and our base is in the Trapezaki area, which is at the south part of Cephalonia. We deliver bikes to hotels, rooms and villas all over the island. Delivery is free to the airport and to hotels, villas and rooms in a distance less than 15 kms from the Trapezaki area.
01 Mar 2021
PeploBio Mobile
Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
PeploBio is an ISO15189 accredited clinical laboratory offering diagnostic solutions with a wide range of CRO services including assay development and assay validation.
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11 Jan 2021
Blazing Fast Economic News
Market moving economic news for all major economic regions covering all the key macroeconomic indicators. The fastest possible economic data delivery ever made available to the retail trader. Be among the first traders who know all the important economic figures. Carefully designed to provide the most important data points with just a glimpse of an eye. Easy to read and fast to interpret.
12 Nov 2019
Orderstate Backoffice
Track Your Orders
Orderstate is a Software as a Service company that allows full visibility of an order, from order placement, to production, to quality control, to shipment, to customs clearance, to inspection, to final delivery.
23 Jun 2019
Design Studio
BaBatchas Design Studio is an interior design office located in Athens, Greece, specializing in the study of private residence, luxury accommodation and commercial spaces while at the same time creating design objects, custom-made furniture and pieces of art.
11 May 2018
Apartments at Tinos
Anemflia is a small family-owned business of rental apartments, right at the exit of the new port of Tinos, next to Kalamia beach, just a few steps from the sea, and very close to the center of the Chora of the island.
01 Apr 2018
Simple Business Management
Balnc is a simple business management tool for freelancers and small businesses. It is a web application that allows you to manage your clients, projects, tasks, invoices and expenses. It is built with Angular and Bootstrap and it uses OrbitDB and IPFS for data storage. It is a work in progress and it is not yet ready for production.
11 Feb 2018
Tatyana Kirchhoff
PhD C. Psychology
Tatiana Dimitriou (PhD) is a Neuroscientist and Doctor of the School of Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds a Master's Degree in Occupational Psychology from Kingston University, England with a specialization in Vocational Guidance for Adolescents & Adults.
01 Oct 2016
Connect Financial Traders
Echofin is a social network for investment traders. It is a platform for connecting traders through online communities and chatrooms. It is a web application that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.
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01 Jun 2016
Regate Effective
Mobile Sales Assistant
Regate Effective is a software platform capable of performing all actions made by a sales team. Regate Effective SFA helps both managers and their teams schedule their daily routes and monitor the progress of each visit of the salesman to the end customer.
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19 Aug 2015
Optical Store
At NEWLOOK optical store you will find prescription and sunglasses, contact lenses and solutions from the most famous brands, accessories and anything else related to your eyes!