Christos Georgiou

Software Engineer & Product Consultant
Email: christos@cgeosoft.comGitHub: cgeosoftSkype: christos.georgiou.LinkedIn: christosgeorgiou2

I have successfully designed and implemented several software products over the last 10 years in various industries like hospitality, finance, marketing and retail.

Having the full stack developer role gave me experience in a plethora of tools, programming languages and technologies. I am most experienced in .Net Core, Node.js and Angular.



2016 - now / Software Engineer, Full Stack

Echofin is a collaboration and communication platform for traders (stock, forex, options). Connect with the top finance market communities. Chatrooms for forex, chatrooms for stock brokers, chatrooms for options market.

I am working at Echofin as a full stack software engineer. I collaborated with the team to build the platform, participating in every phase of the development process.

EchofinApplication / Oct 2016 / Architect, Designer, Engineer, Team Manager


2016 - now / Software Engineer, Owner

I brand all freelance work and personal side-projects under the name cgeosoft. I used to work on my own ideas in my spare time for several years.

My side-projects are many and, for the most part, incomplete. The ones that have seen the light of production are usually implemented with web technologies like Angular and NestJS.

EchoBotsApplication / Nov 2021 / Idea, Architect, Designer, Engineer
TalkingFeedApplication / Oct 2021 / Idea, Architect, Designer, Engineer
PeploBio MobileApplication / Mar 2021 / Designer, Engineer
Orderstate BackofficeFrontend / Nov 2019 / Designer, Engineer
BalncApplication / Apr 2015 / Designer, Engineer, release


2011 - 2016 / Software Engineer, Co-Owner

I founded SoftLoop with two friends in 2011. We began as a small team of 3 people and managed to grow to a team of 7. We worked on several projects for different clients and industries.

At times, I had practically every role in the team. From lead developer to sales manager. From designing software architectures to closing long term deals with clients.

SpinelioApplication / May 2014 / Idea, Architect, Designer, Engineer
SalesBookApplication / Jun 2013 / Idea, Architect, Designer, Engineer
ThermoMTWindows App / Sep 2011 / Idea, Architect, Designer, Engineer

Regate S.A.

2012 - 2014 / Software Engineer, Full Stack

Regate focuses in sales force, merchandising and field service automation for the past 17+ years. It delivers complete end-to-end mobility solutions that meet the needs of any sales or service organization.

I was working at Regate as a full stack software engineer, focusing on the development of the backoffice engine of the platform. Besides software development, I also held several sessions as a trainer of the platform, effectively teaching hundreds of users.

Regate EffectiveMobile CRM / Jun 2016 / Designer, Engineer
BizeGateMobile CRM / Mar 2012 / Designer, Engineer


2008 - 2010 / Software Engineer, Full Stack

Qx2 was founded in 2009 and was a software development company based in Athens, Greece. The company focused on the development of web applications.

I have worked on several projects with the biggest one being the development of an ambitious accommodation reservations engine. The project practically started as a re-engineering of an existing system and ended up to be a complete rewrite of the platform.

MayorNews Portal / Sep 2008 / Engineer
Central Reservation SystemApplication / Feb 2008 / Engineer


Inspiring and Motivating Individuals

2021 /

Bachelor of Computer Science

2012 / Technological Educational Institute of Athens


2011 / 11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems




2009 / 11th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence