Christos Georgiou

Software Developer / Code Artist


100% Lotteries
easy inhouse lotteries
100% JokerBot
tracker for opap's joker
32% Tools
general mini apps for common use
15% Balance
simple small team management tool
23% Reφenes
keep your owns in place


30% Machines of Orthopolis
D&D5 campaign writen in greek


100% Jug on Books
pencil practice
100% Morning
pencil practice
100% Dali Clocks
pencil order
15% Under the Mountain
pencil personal
0% Raining Colors
pencil order
0% Lone Wolf
black acrylic on canvas
0% Lifelines
the majestic overview


100% CryptoCodes
clone of the codenames in browser
5% GameBOX
package of party mobile games
0% Cards Against Humanity Online
when the bullshits become a game
0% Spin the Wheel
the known tv-game on your tv
0% Survival - Resistance Clone
find the thief until morning